In the Fly skin, the overlay layer moves dynamically between slides, creating a visually engaging effect for your gallery items.


Normal State

  • Border Radius
  • Transform (Pro)
  • Filter (Pro) – Instagram-like image filter

Hover State

  • Border Radius (Pro)
  • Transform (Pro)
  • Filter (Pro) – Instagram-like image filter
  • Tilt Effect (Pro)
    • Tilt Effect Direction


  • Display – select when to display overlay – hover state, normal state, or always.
  • Text Align
  • Move Overlay Under Image (Pro) – a useful option for mobile devices when hovering over items isn’t possible. The overlay will always be displayed without interaction.


  • Display Title
    • Title Tag: Select the HTML tag for the title (e.g., h1, h2, etc.).
  • Display Categories
    • Categories Count: Set the maximum number of categories to display.
  • Display Date
  • Display Author
  • Display Views (available for Posts only)
  • Display Reading Time (available for Posts only)
  • Display Excerpt
    • Excerpt words count: Set the number of words shown from the excerpt.
  • Display Icon – The icon will be displayed when you hover over the image. The icon is selected automatically, depending on the item format or type (Image, Video, Audio, etc.)


  • Background
  • Text
  • Blend Mode (Pro)


  • Title (Pro)
  • Category (Pro)
  • Meta (Pro)
  • Description (Pro)


  • Border Radius
  • Padding
  • Margin
  • Items Gap
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