The slider layout is aimed to show your portfolio items in a slider and carousel view.

  • Effect – there are three carousel effects: Slide, Coverflow, and Fade.
  • Speed (in Seconds) – adjust this value to set the effect duration while changing a slide.
  • Autoplay (in Seconds) – Interval of changing the slides. Set as zero to turn the autoplay feature off.
  • Pause on Mouse Over – stop autoplay, when you hover over items.
  • Items Height
    • Auto – allows showing of the original aspect ratio.
    • Static (px) – allows setting the height of the slides in pixels. This height will be fixed.
    • Dynamic (%) – allows to set the height of the slides in percents, so the height of the slides will be changed depending on the size of a browser window.
  • Items Minimal Height – set the minimum height. Useful, if you want to use the fullscreen carousel, type 100vh and your carousel will be 100% of the screen height.
  • Slides Per View (not available with Fade effect)
    • Auto – the width of slides is calculated automatically, and the dynamic height is counted from the width of a carousel.
    • Custom – number of slides seen on the screen at the same time.
  • Centered Slides (not available with Fade effect) – show an active portfolio item centered, otherwise the active carousel will be on the left side
  • Loop – loop your carousel (it won’t have the end).
  • Free Scroll – slides will not have fixed positions while you slide it manually.
  • Display Arrows – show arrows for the carousel navigation.
  • Display Bullets – show bullets for the carousel navigation. They will appear below the carousel by default.
    • Dynamic Bullets – show bullets only for the slides shown on the page.
  • Mousewheel Control – scroll your carousel using the mousewheel.
  • Display Thumbnails – display slides thumbnails for the carousel navigation.
    • There are a couple of settings, that same as a normal carousel settings (described below)
  • Gap – spacing between slides.
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