This changelog is for the Pro version only.
Changelog for Free version placed here –


14 July 2021

  • added Photo Proofing
  • improved RSS photo parsing
  • fixed Dribbble images output
  • fixed usage of deprecated AJAX complete callback

5 May 2021

  • added support for parsing images from RSS content
  • changed updating interval for RSS feeds
  • fixed displaying random photos on social networks
  • fixed social settings for Cron Refresh task

26 April 2021

  • added social feeds support:
    • Unsplash
    • Twitch
    • VK (Vkontakte)
    • RSS
  • improved hover GIF animations (restart once hovered)
  • improved custom CSS output for popup iframe
  • improved Social settings page
    • networks moved under tabs
    • increased page loading speed
  • fixed popup iframe for custom URLs
  • fixed license deactivation when migrated to a different domain
  • minor changes

2 April 2021

  • added support for CURL functions (better performance for offload images from social networks)
  • fixed possible PHP error when activating the plugin
  • fixed adding Instagram, Youtube social accounts, and purge cache

10 March 2021

  • added Protection settings:
    • Watermarks settings
    • Password settings
    • Age Gate settings
  • added White Label settings
  • added more Fancybox Popup gallery settings:
    • Loop settings
    • Thumbnails Open At Startup settings
    • Thumbnails Position settings
  • added shortcode for optional Search module
  • added priority to all enqueued scripts to enqueue it after the main Visual Portfolio script and prevent possible errors
  • minor changes

27 December 2020

  • Added support for Youtube playlists
  • Reduced Flickr API calls (better performance)
  • Improved Social Media cache code – generate more cache at the same time
  • Fixed PHP warning if social accounts empty
  • Fixed cached AJAX calls wrong data structure
  • Fixed detection of video social post

7 December 2020

  • fixed function to remove temporary variable `vpf_pro_ajax_block` arg from URLs

1 December 2020

  • added usage of new template meta parts from the free plugin (don’t forget to update it)
  • added support for TED and Coub Video popups
  • improved performance for AJAX calls when the page contains a lot of heavy code. AJAX calls will receive the only block, that requested and not the entire page
  • improved Caption Move reveal animation
  • fixed migration code PHP error

21 November 2020

  • added Breakpoints settings
  • improved deep linking URLs in popup with posts iframe (use real posts URLs)
  • improved deep linking code to properly work with hash API
  • fixed Grid Items Vertical Align option displaying in all layouts
  • fixed jumping items under block when Caption Move overlay displaying
  • fixed possible errors in migration code

8 November 2020

  • added admin notice if the free plugin is not installed or deactivated
  • added support for Metacafe and Beatport vendors in Popup embeds
  • added simple protection of caching folders – add empty index.html file (for most of the hosts it will not affect, as it is already configured properly)
  • improved caching function for Social integration
  • fixed video popup displaying for some of the Social networks
  • fixed usage of deprecated jQuery ready event

29 October 2020

  • added Hover Images support
  • improved social integration cache requests algorithm
  • changed social integration cache to 3 hours (in other words your Social feeds will be fetched every 3 hours)
  • fixed Instagram API failed requests
  • fixed Instagram video posts wrong click action
  • fixed displaying conditional fields in Social Settings

8 October 2020

  • added one-click Instagram integration
  • added Focal Point picker to post custom thumbnail panel
  • added Items Vertical Align option for Grid layout
  • improved vendor plugins inclusion (include when needed only)
  • fixed Items Per Page – All Items option with Social integration
  • fixed native lazy loading conflict with Social images
  • fixed file type detection code for Social images
  • fixed animated GIFs displaying in post custom thumbnail preview
  • fixed PHP error when conflicting with some rare 3rd-party plugins in admin area

29 September 2020


29 August 2020

  • fixed transitions when enabled filter effects

28 August 2020

  • added Instagram support for social feeds
  • added Image CSS Filters
  • added support for Spotify and Mixcloud popup embed
  • added RTL support
  • improved overall code for social integrations
  • improved Twitter API caching (prevent possible conflicts with different accounts)
  • fixed custom stream attribute names (all your social integrations caches will be reloaded)
  • minor changes

29 July 2020

  • Initial release
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