Go to Admin Menu > Visual Portfolio > Settings to adjust the plugin settings. These settings will be applied to all portfolio layouts.


  • Portfolio Slug – slug used in URL of portfolio items.
  • Filter Taxonomies – add taxonomies that can be used for a portfolio. For example, if you add the portfolio_tag taxonomy in the list, you’ll be able to select a group of posts by tags for your portfolio.
  • No Image – set a default image that is used when a featured image isn’t specified for a portfolio item.
  • AJAX Cache and Preload – reduce AJAX calls request time.
  • Responsive Breakpoints – change default responsive breakpoints, that used for automatic responsive code for Tiles, Masonry columns, and Carousel slides count.


  • Lazy Loading – enable Visual Portfolio images lazy loading to optimize page speed loading.
    • Disabled – disable lazy loading only in case, if it is conflicting with 3rd-party lazy loading scripts
    • Visual Portfolio only – enable for images displaying in Visual Portfolio layouts only
    • All images – enable lazy loading for all images on your site
  • Image Sizes – set of custom image sizes, used in our plugin for your images. You can change these sizes, but don’t forget to Regenerate Thumbnails.

Adjust your popup gallery settings.

  • Vendor Script – popup gallery script (PhotoSwipe or Fancybox)
  • WordPress Images – enable popup for all WordPress images and galleries (not only for Visual Portfolio galleries).
  • Deep Linking – makes URL automatically change when you open popup and you can easily link to specific popup image.
  • Use Deep Linking URL to Share Images – check to share Deep Linking URLs when sharing images. When disabled, all galleries will share direct links to image files.
  • Loop – check to enable loop image gallery.
  • Click to Zoom – allows you to disable the default possibility to zoom when you click on the image.
  • Display Arrows – arrows to navigate between images.
  • Display Images Counter – if you enable this option, an image counter will be shown.
  • Display Zoom Button
  • Display Fullscreen Button
  • Display Share Button
  • Display Close Button
  • Display Thumbnails
  • Thumbnails Opened At Startup
  • Thumbnails Position
  • Display Download Button
  • Display Slideshow
  • Background Color
  • Pages iFrame Custom CSS – when you display pages in popup iframe, you may not need some page elements like header and footer. Hide it using custom CSS with classname .vp-popup-iframe.


Add watermarks protection to images. Don’t forget to enable watermark protection on the block

  • Logo – your image to display as watermarks
  • Size – watermark size in percent
  • Opacity
  • Autogenerate – automatically apply watermark during image upload

Social Integrations

These settings used to connect your social networks as a source for Visual Portfolio galleries. More info read here:

White Label

Possibility to use your brand name and logo instead of our “Visual Portfolio”

  • Enable White Label
  • Brand Name
  • Logo Dark
  • Logo White


Pro users can insert their license key here and get automatic updates for Visual Portfolio Pro plugin.

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