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Go to Admin Area → Visual Portfolio → Settings to adjust the plugin settings. These settings will be applied to all portfolio layouts.


  • Portfolio Slug – slug used in URL of portfolio items.
  • Filter Taxonomies – add taxonomies that can be used for a portfolio. For example, if you add the portfolio_tag taxonomy in the list, you’ll be able to select a group of posts by tags for your portfolio.
  • No Image – this option allows to set a default image that is used when a featured image isn’t specified for a portfolio item.

Adjust your popup gallery settings.

  • Vendor Script – Popup gallery script (PhotoSwipe or Fancybox)
  • Display Arrows – Arrows to navigate between images.
  • Display Images Counter – if you enable this option, an image counter will be shown.

The following options allow to show/hide certain buttons:

  • Display Zoom Button
  • Display Fullscreen Button
  • Display Share Button
  • Display Close Button
  • Display Thumbnails
  • Display Download Button
  • Display Slideshow
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