In the plugin settings, you can connect to social networks. The connection process differs depending on the selected social network. We prepared quick tips for each social network in settings, so the connection will be an easy process.

Connect Social Network

As an example, we will show you how to connect Instagram account and display recent photos from it.

  1. Go to Admin Menu > Visual Portfolio > Settings
  2. Open Social Integrations tab
Here you can see the list of Social Networks, that supported in Visual Portfolio Pro
  1. Click on the Connect button
    • Connection to the Instagram account will automatically open the login form
    • Connection to other social networks is in manual mode. You will see the tips on how to connect.
  2. After a successful authorization to Instagram, your account will be automatically saved
    • To save other social networks, you will need to click on the Save Changes button

Add Block

  1. Add Visual Portfolio block to a page or post and select Social Content Source
  1. Then select social network and your connected account in the block settings:
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