Filebird Folder: Demos – Protection

  • Right Click Protection

    This gallery is right-click protected. It prevents the userfrom accessing the right-click context menu. This is not an effective way to protect your photos First, this is a bad thing to do because it breaks basic functionality that people are used to having access to (eg. right-clicking a link and opening it in a new…

  • Age Gate Protection

    This gallery is age-restricted. To view it you must be over 18.

  • Password Protection

    This gallery is password protected. To view it please enter “demo” password below

  • Watermark Protection

    Protect your portfolio works from stealing with Visual Portfolio.Add watermark to image in the gallery.

  • Theft Protection

    Watermark Add your logo on top of your images to make them harder to steal. Password Protection Add a password to gallery blocks and send it to your clients. Age Gate Protection Protect visitors from viewing adult content.