jQuery Methods

Sometimes you may need to call Visual Portfolio methods manually, for example when you use AJAX page load, you will need to reinitialize portfolio, so you can use public methods. Example:

// Initialize.
$( '.vp-portfolio' ).vpf();

// Destroy.
$( '.vp-portfolio' ).vpf( 'destroy' );

Available methods:

Method NameAttributesDescription
init init/reinit portfolio
destroydestroy portfolio
resizedportfolio was resized
addStyleselector, styles, mediaadd custom styles to the current portfolio
removeStyleselector, styles, mediaremove custom styles from the current portfolio
renderStylerender custom styles
addItems$items, removeExistingadd new items to portfolio (called after AJAX loading)
removeItems$itemsremove some items from portfolio (called after AJAX loading in Paged pagination)
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