Social feeds do not loads

We strongly recommend contacting your hosting provider or administrator to help with any database changes since this could break your site.

Our Social Networks integration automatically cache results, but sometimes your SQL database may not store feeds, which contain specific emojis. This may be because of your database charset and collation. If you see such an error in your database error log, most probably your feeds are not cached:

Incorrect string value: '...' for column 'option_value'...

To fix this, you will need to upgrade your database tables to utf8mb4 and collation utf8mb4_unicode_ci. This will allow the storage of 4-byte characters which means any Unicode characters can be stored in the database.

We are using the wp_options table for social caching. And you can upgrade this database only.

p.s. this emoji example, which can’t be stored in the utf8 database table – 💕

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