This changelog is for the Pro v2 only.
Changelog for v3 placed here –


1 July 2023

  • changed images and overlay border-radius to clip-path (better performance)
  • fixed self hosted video and audio popups, when used relative URLs

5 June 2023

  • added Reconnect button to social feed settings – Twitch, Google Photos, VK
  • fixed JS error with infinite pagination in Portfolio Archive
  • fixed rare JS error when the popup is opened on page load
  • fixed rare JS error in Advanced Click Action settings

12 May 2023

  • added setting to display URL button in Quick View popup
  • added support for gradients in overlay backgrounds of Caption Move skin
  • added support for new popup data template render (added in Visual Portfolio v3.1)
  • fixed Unsplash loading error if collection ID is not an integer
  • fixed custom GID usage in Deep Link galleries

13 April 2023

  • added Typography settings for Skins
  • added Dimensions settings for Skins
  • added Blend Mode settings for Skins overlays
  • added Image Transform settings for Skins (Normal + Hover states)
  • added Image border-radius settings for Skins (Normal + Hover states)
  • added support for Litespeed WEBP optimization for watermarks
  • added feature to pause all Swiper carousels when the popup is opened
  • added support for popup caption in video items
  • Improved Image CSS Filters UI
  • fixed Search shortcode wrong example in Saved Layouts
  • fixed White Label plugin name change
  • fixed Right Click Protection for links containing image URLs
  • Prevent Caption Move effect jumping when placed out of window
  • Rename the Caption Move label to C. Move
  • minor changes

12 February 2023

  • added option for Right Click protection on images
  • added support for Instagram Reels in popup
  • added proper OpenGraph meta when using the Share button in the popup
  • added support for relative URLs when making AJAX requests in the search field (was not working properly on some hosts and configurations)
  • added cache for Google Photos albums requests to prevent limitations from Google API
  • added possibility to start AJAX loading when already in loading state (fixes the Search module conflict with concurrent requests)
  • fixed popup click action behavior when adding a custom URL on the item (was different from the Free plugin)
  • fixed deeplink urls when one of the links is an iframe URL
  • fixed iframe share URL remove get variable
  • fixed displaying the Sign In button in Google Photos settings if the account is already authorized

24 November 2022

  • added Quick View settings to change the link targets inside iframe. By default all links will be opened in the new window
  • added automatic next page preloading, so you will see a significant change in the gallery loading speed
  • added possibility to activate Infinite scroll by clicking on Load More button
  • added possibility to pause Infinite scroll (display Load More button) after loaded selected number of pages
  • added possibility to change the Infinite scroll threshold distance
  • added Slider pause when Popup gallery opened
  • added Slider current slide activation when swipe image in Popup gallery
  • added option to change Search placeholder text
  • added helpful notice to Watermarks setting in the block
  • added support for 3rd-party webp plugins and our watermarks
  • improved error handling in the license activation script
  • changed post Custom Thumbnail Focal Point options to use custom meta
  • removed usage of deprecated image kses args
  • fixed lazy loading of Watermarked images
  • fixed wrong closing tag of <audio> in popup
  • fixed post hover thumbnail focal point save error

30 August 2022

  • minor changes for compatibility with Free plugin

9 August 2022

  • improved social cache hash name generation (fixes transient overflowing in some social networks)
  • improved Proofing galleries displaying code – use a specific block attribute instead of hard code
  • fixed not working Gallery Popup Custom Image and Hover Image controls
  • fixed Social caching if previous cache transient is empty (removed manually or by accident)
  • fixed wrong popup gallery items parsing when Slider layout used

30 July 2022

  • added option to set the Popup Image displaying source priority
  • added Flickr albums support
  • fixed carousel duplicate items conflict with popup gallery
  • fixed Caption Move style duplicate caption after filtering
  • removed custom meta settings from non-viewable post types
  • removed will-change usage

12 July 2022

  • added compatibility styles for Quick View for Blocksy theme
  • added support for new function for slugs in the Free plugin

5 July 2022

  • fixed wrong watermark image URL generation when -scaled used in the image name
  • fixed error when trying to update Pro plugin with installed Free plugin v2.16.0

5 July 2022

  • added support for Image Post Format in the Advanced Click Action settings
  • improved Dribbble integration – added one-click method
  • fixed Advanced Click Action wrong click processing in some situations
  • fixed Google Photos integration script
  • fixed image size parsing in some Social Feed cases
  • fixed image download when requests blocked in Social Feed integration when use RSS
  • renamed Popup Iframe option to Quick View
  • minor changes and fixes

15 May 2022

  • added Advanced Click Actions – now you can configure how to open specific item types and filter clicking on title or on image
  • added Media Object Priority setting for URL and Popup Click Actions
  • added option to set the Custom Popup Image for image in gallery and for posts
  • fixed Google Photos social feed integration Auth button error
  • fixed Popup self-hosted support for mpeg and avi videos
  • fixed displaying watermarks when disabled WordPress setting named “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders”
  • fixed selecting proper default tab in Image Filter options
  • fixed Twitch popup video not working with some URLs, containing special characters
  • minor changes

20 January 2022

  • added support for “Move Overlay Under Image” option in the “Caption Move” style
  • fixed AJAX rendering optimization when used shortcode
  • fixed prefetch script when used short urls in filter links
  • fixed AJAX preloading on separate shortcodes for filter and sorting
  • fixed PHP warning on some hosts about HTTP_HOST is undefined
  • fixed wrong link generated in Safari with encoded # symbol in deep link
  • fixed displaying audio post meta when selected audio post format

24 November 2021

  • fixed checkbox displaying in Proofing gallery when pagination used

8 November 2021

  • added warning in Instagram settings if database used unsupported charsets
  • fixed gallery hover thumbnail in the saved layouts UI
  • fixed rare error with cURL useragent in the social networks integration
  • fixed possible bug with translated strings in JS files

1 November 2021


11 October 2021

  • added WEBP support for watermarks
  • fixed wrong click action when used custom URL and watermark protection
  • fixed PHP undefined warning in watermarks settings
  • fixed PHP 8 deprecated warnings

4 October 2021

  • added support for posters in video and audio popups (added automatically)
  • changed required PHP version to 7.2
  • changed required WordPress version to 5.8
  • fixed rare PHP notice about undefined variable usage
  • removed sessions usage for randomly ordered galleries. Better for cached pages with caching plugins. If you want to use the caching plugin and random option, you will need to disable caching for the page, where used this random gallery

30 August 2021

  • added possibility to remove watermark from the image
  • added support for WP 5.8
  • added Tilt Effect Direction option
  • fixed Tilt Effect z-index images overflow
  • fixed Google Photos API error
  • fixed “Images Rounded Corners” option in Caption Move style

14 July 2021

  • added Photo Proofing
  • improved RSS photo parsing
  • fixed Dribbble images output
  • fixed usage of deprecated AJAX complete callback

5 May 2021

  • added support for parsing images from RSS content
  • changed updating interval for RSS feeds
  • fixed displaying random photos on social networks
  • fixed social settings for Cron Refresh task

26 April 2021

  • added social feeds support:
    • Unsplash
    • Twitch
    • VK (Vkontakte)
    • RSS
  • improved hover GIF animations (restart once hovered)
  • improved custom CSS output for popup iframe
  • improved Social settings page
    • networks moved under tabs
    • increased page loading speed
  • fixed popup iframe for custom URLs
  • fixed license deactivation when migrated to a different domain
  • minor changes

2 April 2021

  • added support for CURL functions (better performance for offload images from social networks)
  • fixed possible PHP error when activating the plugin
  • fixed adding Instagram, Youtube social accounts, and purge cache

10 March 2021

  • added Protection settings:
    • Watermarks settings
    • Password settings
    • Age Gate settings
  • added White Label settings
  • added more Fancybox Popup gallery settings:
    • Loop settings
    • Thumbnails Open At Startup settings
    • Thumbnails Position settings
  • added shortcode for optional Search module
  • added priority to all enqueued scripts to enqueue it after the main Visual Portfolio script and prevent possible errors
  • minor changes

27 December 2020

  • Added support for Youtube playlists
  • Reduced Flickr API calls (better performance)
  • Improved Social Media cache code – generate more cache at the same time
  • Fixed PHP warning if social accounts empty
  • Fixed cached AJAX calls wrong data structure
  • Fixed detection of video social post

7 December 2020

  • fixed function to remove temporary variable `vpf_pro_ajax_block` arg from URLs

1 December 2020

  • added usage of new template meta parts from the free plugin (don’t forget to update it)
  • added support for TED and Coub Video popups
  • improved performance for AJAX calls when the page contains a lot of heavy code. AJAX calls will receive the only block, that requested and not the entire page
  • improved Caption Move reveal animation
  • fixed migration code PHP error

21 November 2020

  • added Breakpoints settings
  • improved deep linking URLs in popup with posts iframe (use real posts URLs)
  • improved deep linking code to properly work with hash API
  • fixed Grid Items Vertical Align option displaying in all layouts
  • fixed jumping items under block when Caption Move overlay displaying
  • fixed possible errors in migration code

8 November 2020

  • added admin notice if the free plugin is not installed or deactivated
  • added support for Metacafe and Beatport vendors in Popup embeds
  • added simple protection of caching folders – add empty index.html file (for most of the hosts it will not affect, as it is already configured properly)
  • improved caching function for Social integration
  • fixed video popup displaying for some of the Social networks
  • fixed usage of deprecated jQuery ready event

29 October 2020

  • added Hover Images support
  • improved social integration cache requests algorithm
  • changed social integration cache to 3 hours (in other words your Social feeds will be fetched every 3 hours)
  • fixed Instagram API failed requests
  • fixed Instagram video posts wrong click action
  • fixed displaying conditional fields in Social Settings

8 October 2020

  • added one-click Instagram integration
  • added Focal Point picker to post custom thumbnail panel
  • added Items Vertical Align option for Grid layout
  • improved vendor plugins inclusion (include when needed only)
  • fixed Items Per Page – All Items option with Social integration
  • fixed native lazy loading conflict with Social images
  • fixed file type detection code for Social images
  • fixed animated GIFs displaying in post custom thumbnail preview
  • fixed PHP error when conflicting with some rare 3rd-party plugins in admin area

29 September 2020


29 August 2020

  • fixed transitions when enabled filter effects

28 August 2020

  • added Instagram support for social feeds
  • added Image CSS Filters
  • added support for Spotify and Mixcloud popup embed
  • added RTL support
  • improved overall code for social integrations
  • improved Twitter API caching (prevent possible conflicts with different accounts)
  • fixed custom stream attribute names (all your social integrations caches will be reloaded)
  • minor changes

29 July 2020

  • Initial release
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