Visual Portfolio offers several protection features to safeguard your gallery items.


Add your logo on top of your images to make them harder to steal. 

Check out a demo with watermarks –

To add settings and watermarks to images, visit the watermarks documentation –

Password Protection

Add a password to gallery blocks to keep them secure and share the password with clients.

See a demo with password-protected galleries –

Age Gate Protection

Protect visitors from viewing adult content by adding an age gate to your galleries.

Explore an age gate protection demo

Right Click Protection

Add right-click protection to images to prevent them from being downloaded easily.

View a demo with right-click protection –

This is not an effective way to protect your photos

While right-click protection might deter less tech-savvy users, it is generally not an effective way to protect your photos. It can break basic functionality for users who are accustomed to right-clicking for legitimate reasons, such as opening links in new tabs. Determined users can still access image links and save them by viewing the source code.

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