Integration with Twitter API works in a manual way, you will need to create API tokens manually using the following instruction.


  1. Go to Visual Portfolio β†’ Settings β†’ Social Feeds page
  2. Select Twitter and click Connect button
  1. In the next form you need to add data to work with API
  1. To get the Consumer Key and Secret, you need to create an APP using the following instructions:
  2. To get the Consumer Key, copy the Consumer Key from your APP settings
  3. To get the Consumer Secret, copy the Consumer Secret from your APP settings
  4. To get the Account Name go to the Twitter user page for example nK Copy the name from the link –  nkdevv

Available Options

  1. Max Tweets β€“ the limit of how many tweets our plugin should fetch from API

How to Use in Blocks

That’s all. How to add Social Feeds in the Visual Portfolio blocks, you can learn in this article –

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