Images lazy loading conflict

The Visual Portfolio plugin offers a powerful solution for optimizing image loading known as “lazy loading”. While this feature generally works well, there may be instances where it conflicts with other lazy loading solutions provided by installed themes or 3rd-party plugins. In such cases, there are 2 possible solutions to resolve the conflict.

Disabling 3rd-party Lazy Loading

To ensure smooth functionality, we recommend disabling any 3rd-party lazy loading solutions and utilizing the lazy loading feature provided by the Visual Portfolio plugin instead.

Disabling Visual Portfolio Lazy Loading

If, for some reason, disabling 3rd-party lazy loading is not possible, you have the option to disable the lazy loading feature of the Visual Portfolio plugin as well. You can do this by navigating to Admin Menu → Visual Portfolio → Settings → Images.

By following these steps, you can resolve any conflicts that may arise from using multiple lazy loading solutions and ensure optimal performance of your website.

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