Select the Posts Content Source option if you want to display your posts or any other post types in gallery blocks.

Available Options

  • Post Type: Select types like Post, Page, Portfolio, etc.
  • Post Types Set: Use multiple post types in a single feed.
  • Manual Selection: Include specific posts only.
  • Custom Query: Use a custom query for complex selections.
  • Current Query: Display posts based on the current page query.

Post Type

Display posts from the selected post type with several customization options.

Excluded Posts

Exclude specific posts from the output by typing the name to see suggestions.


Use taxonomies (categories and tags) to filter posts:

  • OR Relation: Show posts from any selected taxonomies.
  • AND Relation: Show posts that match all selected taxonomies.


  • If you want to see all posts from selected taxonomies, select the OR relation (for example, if you want to show all posts from both β€œ2018” and β€œ2019” categories).
  • If you want to see posts that have all selected tags and categories at the same time, select the AND relation (for example, if you want to show all posts with the ”design” tag from the β€œ2018” category).


Customize item order using:

  • Date
  • Title
  • ID
  • Comments Count
  • Modified
  • Menu Order
  • Manual Selection
  • Random

Change the direction using the Order Direction option.

Avoid Duplicates

Ensure unique posts without duplicates from other galleries.


Skip over a specified number of posts (e.g., 2 to skip 2 posts).


Display posts from selected authors only.


Filter posts by date range:

  • All
  • Past Day
  • Past Week
  • Past Month
  • Past Quarter
  • Past Year
  • Custom (set custom date ranges)

Ignore Sticky Posts

Exclude posts marked as Sticky from the display.

Exclude Posts Without Thumbnails

Exclude posts that do not have a featured image.

Post Types Set

Display multiple post types in a single feed with all options available in the Post Types output.

Post Types

Include specific post types by typing the name to see suggestions.

Manual Selection

Include specific posts only.

Specific Posts

Include specific posts by typing the name to see suggestions.

Custom Query

Use Custom Query as your data source. Refer to WordPress documentation for more on queries:

Example #1

Show posts from the Branding category (slug: branding), posted in 2012, and ordered ascending:


The same for Portfolio post type:


Generated from:
    'post_type' => 'portfolio',
    'tax_query' => array(
            'taxonomy' => 'portfolio_category',
            'field' => 'slug',
            'terms' => 'branding',
    'year' => '2012',
    'order' => 'ASC',

Example #2

Show images from the WordPress Media Library:


Current Query

Display posts based on the current page query, which is useful for post archives and with plugins like Facet WP for filtering.

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