In the Fly effect, the overlay layer will be moving between slides.

Available settings:

  • Images Rounded Corners
  • Display Title
  • Display Categories
    • Categories Count – sets the maximum number of categories shown at the same time.
  • Display Date
  • Display Author
  • Display Views (available for Posts only)
  • Display Reading Time (available for Posts only)
  • Display Excerpt
    • Excerpt words count – sets the number of words from an excerpt shown on a portfolio item in a layout.
  • Display Icon – the icon will be displayed when you hover over the image. The image selected automatically, depending on the item format or type (Image, Video, Audio, etc…).
  • Caption Align
  • Display Overlay – select when we need to display the overlay: hover state, default state, or always
  • Overlay Background Color
  • Overlay Text Color
  • Move Overlay Under Image – useful option for mobile devices, when not possible to hover over the items. The overlay will be always displayed without interaction.
  • Hover Tilt Effect – 3D effect, when you hover over the image.
  • Filter – select Instagram-like image filter effect on hover or/and default state.
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